Get To Know Us

MEDIACRUSH offers marketing consulting and trade promotional services. We are an Out of Home specialist media company and strong brand activation agency.

  • Established as a full fledged outdoor advertising company
  • Full complement of professional departments & personnel.
  • Diversified industry experience spanning several years.
  • Positioned as strong industry players with cutting edge “I”

We seek to provide pragmatic solutions through:

  • Consumer insights based on R & D
  • Media-neutral platforms & processes.
  • Business-driven strategies, capabilities & competencies.
  • Leveraging unique channels of outdoor marketing and brand amplification.

Our Core Values

Customer focus | Excellence | Professionalism | Innovation | Integrity

We have up to date technology you would like

We provide you quality data capturing platform where we use audience detection technology like facial recognition to link dynamic displays to present personalized content in our out-of-home campaign. This technology anonymously measures audience on attributes such as age, gender, facial expression and composition in real time to serve a customized ad to the consumer.

We use cameras facing stationary or moving traffic to identify the make, model and color of vehicles. This is used in a way where by the driver and passengers are served content which is based on specific audience demographics and data relevant to that vehicle. All vehicle details are matched with an anonymised vehicle specification database.

This pioneering technology offers brands highly defined targeting and greater efficiency than standard out-of-home play-out, hitting core target audiences with zero wastage. Real-time activation allows for dynamic delivery based on an environmental trigger. Vehicle recognition is a progressive technology which optimizes and innovates the way brands connect with target audiences. This pioneering system identifies and accesses valued audiences in real-time and there are a range of ways it can be deployed: it can serve adverts for a new model of the same car, or it can be leveraged to launch a new product that’s relevant to a particular driver demographic.

We use online and offline tactics designed to help businesses plan and implement marketing activities based on consumers’ geographic location. We achieve this by making use of consumer data to display relevant brand messaging to a highly-targeted audience.

We also call it ‘geo-targeted marketing’ or ‘place-based marketing’, we use this medium to deliver messages to customers and potential customers when they are physically close to your business….. This medium relies on: smartphones that allow users to access rich internet features wherever they are.

Take Your Message To The Next Level

Are you looking to launch a successful campaign? We can help. We are passionate about what we do and that is what makes us MEDIACRUSH.